Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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Customers Who Resist E-Mailed Sales Pitches May Welcome Electronic Greeting Cards

It’s fairly common for a business’s salespeople to request an e-mail address from customers when they are making a purchase. And it’s even more common that customers reject the request, saying they don’t want to be bombarded with online offers.

With a new platform offered by Florida-based Uinvite Inc., small businesses can utilize a more subtle form of e-mail marketing that is more personalized and seems less aggressive to customers., a new e-mail greeting-card and custom-note program, allows users to easily set up schedules so that their entire contact database can receive e-mail greeting cards for every occasion throughout the year.

“The idea that you took the time to send out a card goes a long way towards building relationships with your clients, customers or patients,” says company President Steve Lipson. “It’s much more common to receive a reply thanking you for the card than it is to receive a ‘remove me from the list’ request.”

The automated program allows users to send e-mail to a client list in the form of cards, notes, letters, reminders, announcements or advertisements.

“When you combine a marketing message with a greeting card, customers don’t have the same tendency to view the e-mail as spam,” Lipson says.

Users can choose from thousands of ScheduledNotes greeting cards, add a personal message and then send the completed electronic card to their recipients’ list. The program allows recipients to directly open the e-mail instead of having to click on a link to view the card in a Web browser.

“Every time you require a recipient to click on a link to view something, you run the risk of losing them,” Lipson says. “Delivering the cards directly to their e-mail inbox greatly increases the chance that the recipient will read the card.”

Distribution lists can be typed directly into the program’s contact manager or imported as a whole document. Another program feature gives users the ability to group certain addresses together so that specialized messages can be delivered to specific groups.

Lipson says the program is ideal for any business – from dentists’ and doctors’ offices to insurance agents and retail stores – that wants to communicate with existing clients or patients, or reconnect with former ones.

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at

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