Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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Challenges of Home Ownership Are Addressed by New Web Site

Seeing a need and then coming up with a solution is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.

Recognizing the needs of home owners, particularly new owners, has created an opportunity for at least one entrepreneur.

Stepping into the world of home ownership can be overwhelming. Inspections, closing costs, title searches and interest rates are just par for the course when finalizing a home purchase.

But once the keys exchange hands, and one walks through the doors of a new home, a whole set of concerns can arise: The furnace isn’t kicking on; the lights in the back hallway don’t work; and the sink in the first-floor bathroom is backed up.

Who do you call? Well, if you are a Florida homeowner, finding the right service provider is just a mouse click away., launched just a few months ago, is a referral site that gives users the ability to receive quotes, review contractors and rate their ability. The service is free to homeowners. The quotes are public, and service providers can underbid each other, which enables consumers to get the best price.

Ali Mustafa, company co-founder, says unlike other referral sites, WhoIsHandy is public and transparent in its approach.

“WhoIsHandy does not place itself as a decision-maker between the consumer seeking a service and the service provider,” he explains. “We give the users the tools and information necessary to make sound decisions by themselves.”

Job-posters have 72 hours to determine which provider they want to go with. During that time, posters can also use the “best match” system—WhoIsHandy automatically calculates based on price and rating the “best match” service provider, which can help posters with their decision.

Unless a provider’s quote has been accepted, the quote is allowed to be withdrawn at any time during the process. However, the poster has the right to cancel his or her post without any time restrictions.

Manuel Schramm, the other co-founder, says he didn’t want WhoIsHandy to follow the model of other job-referral sites that require providers to pay a fee for every job they bid on, whether they are awarded the contract or not.

Handymen, landscapers, electricians and numerous other professionals use the database to bid on both small- and large-scale jobs. They are charged a small fee if they are awarded the job.

To ensure quality, WhoIsHandy heavily depends on its rating system for service providers.

“Doing background check-ups on businesses gives a very limited view of the actual performance of a service provider,” company officials say. “Reviews and ratings submitted by actual consumers say a lot more about the professionalism and quality of a service provider than any trade license or business registration does.”

For more Information, visit the company’s Web site at

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