Monday | 5.21.2018
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Presidential Winner Will Have Severe Impact On Small Businesses

More than two of three surveyed small business owners, presidents (69%) believe the current presidential race has significant impact on their sector.

A survey taken by this newsletter’s parent, Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI) during the first two weeks of July found pronounced differing perceptions of the two candidates amongst senior executives in small firms.

Limiting the study to leaders of companies under 50 employees throughout the country, more than half said they were “totally agreed” or “somewhat greed” with the statement: “Do The Presidential Candidates Have Significantly Different Views on Small Businesses.”

When asked, which candidate would most help small businesses in the next four years if elected, survey respondents voted 63% to 20% for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  Seven percent were unsure or did not answer the question.

The survey was taken before President Obama’s remarks on small business that created a storm of comment.

There were more than 140 completed questionnaires with 97% saying they expected to vote in the November election.

Most (87%) said the economy was not on a positive track but 61% said their business was better this year than last while 52% said they expected 2013 to be better.

The survey was conducted online and by telephone by the editors of Small Business Digest.

ISI has been polling small business leaders since 2005.  In 2008, a similar poll showed President Obama leading Senator McCain by a margin of early September.

President Obama’s support has steadily eroded in this survey over time and reached a low shortly after passage of Affordable Healthcare Act.  It has never gone above 40% in the past three years.

Today, it stands at a low of 19% on the question:  Do You Think The President Is Doing a Good Job In Leading the Country.

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