Wednesday | 5.23.2018
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Going Global Can Be Done; Virtual Integration Programs Growing; Mobile Payments Are New Channel

With domestic markets still down, an expert offers primer on moving off-shore.

Building a responsive customer service effort requires total company commitment.

Large, small firms seeing adoptions growing as 13.5 million Americans now covered.

Small businesses are gradually succumbing to the lure of new media, but care must be taken.

This often neglected financial operation can cut costs, add marketing clout.

As devices expand, companies need to integrate communications, desktop systems.

Offering permits disperse groups, generational staff to better focus company efforts.

Recovery planning also lagging for many smaller firms which could heighten damages.

Insurance Institute publications offer detailed primers on preparation and aftermath strategies.

Security breaches more likely as workers spend more time at home and away from the office.

The costs of injuries far outweighs any preventative measures taken by company, employees.

Mandated provisions means tougher healthcare insurance decisions need to be made by small businesses.

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