Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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Many Entrepreneurs See Economic Outlook as Bleak, Hiring Remains Weak

The national Chamber of Commerce reports in its annual survey that small business leaders are not hiring in the face of continuing economic uncertainty.

Seemingly confirming this outlook, some 54% of small-business owners surveyed in a Rasmussen Reports™ study said the U.S. economy is getting worse.

This comes as no surprise to small-business expert and entrepreneur Fabienne Fredrickson, ( who recently led a two-day workshop in Connecticut where she heard firsthand the concerns of small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Small-business owners are fearing that they will get swallowed up by the poor economy and only the large billion-dollar corporations will be able to ride out the storm,” Fredrickson said. On the contrary, she believes that small businesses are actually the answer to the nation’s economic problems, because small businesses have the capability of creating more jobs.

Fredrickson believes there are 10 steps to having a successful small business:

  • Make client attraction a priority.
  • Strategize for unique positioning.
  • Craft a client profile.
  • Construct a compelling marketing message.
  • Package what the company knows and does.
  • Create marketing materials that pull the customer in.
  • Get out there in a big way.
  • Create your marketing plan using all the necessary ingredients.
  • Become a master of closing the sale.
  • Implement systems for consistent action and results.

Fredrickson cautions that “although the recession is technically over, the repercussions the economy has had upon small businesses will not disappear by the end of the year, and there is still a lot of work to be done.”   But she encourages owners to have a positive mind-set because she feels that negativity can hurt the chances of expanding the business, especially during difficult times.

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