Monday | 5.21.2018
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New Site Offers Opportunities For Work-at-Home Practitioners

Just over a year since its inception, a work-from-home job-search site has posted nearly 250,000 freelance jobs for people seeking online work. offers positions in more than 250 categories on either a pay-by-project or full-time basis. The site allows users to create a free account by which they can access the most recent job postings.

The site also gives job hunters the ability to sign up for free e-mail alerts for new positions they might be interested in and the opportunity to network with other job seekers. Employment is available in areas ranging from articles, blogs and editing to advertising, marketing and sales.

The jobs listed on the site have been culled from other major freelance job sites and organized in easy-to-understand sections. Users can search by keyword for a particular listing or can execute searches run by previous users.

When users click on a title, the posting shows the skills required to complete the task, a description of the work requested, when the position was posted and, usually, compensation. According to the Web site, pay ranges from $30 for a small project (such as writing an article for someone) to $50,000 for a large project that will require several months of full-time work.

Applicants submit a bid for how much they would charge for the job and explain why they feel they are the best candidate to complete the work. Higher-priced bidders who explain themselves well usually get the job, according to the Web site. Typically, payment is distributed based on the amount of work completed.

The California-based Web site was developed in January 2010 by an unemployed high-tech worker.

“Working from home has enabled me to set my own hours and spend much more time with my daughter and son than when I was working full-time in an office environment,” the founder says in a message to users on the site. “In fact, without the work-from-home jobs listed at, I’d still be on unemployment.”

The free service lists roughly 14,000 jobs at a time. It also gives users the opportunity to market themselves. Job hunters can create a profile to be found by employers that lists the seekers' skills and talents, desired pay and when they can begin work.

Job hunters can also seek professional advice. Articles on the site help users determine whether working from home is the right match for them, how to avoid scams and afford health insurance, and also how to start a home business.

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