Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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New Device Makes Land Lines More Efficient by Teaming Them With Cellphone

The vast changes in business and personal telephone availability can enable individuals and companies to adopt a methodology that can have a positive material effect on the bottom line of even the smallest enterprise.

With a vast majority of Americans now carrying cellular phones and more-sophisticated instruments, it is possible to become more mobile, have more convenient applications and yet pay significantly less each month.

A major business cost is for land lines.  Some experts indicate they may become a thing of the past as more and more businesses switch to cellular options.

In fact, in its latest annual business survey, this newsletter’s parent, Information Strategies, Inc., found that 13% of respondents said they had switched some or all of their land lines to cellular options.

Even if a business continues to have land lines, it is possible to make them more efficient.

For instance, PhoneLabs, a New York City-based company, is offering a device that can reduce costs while improving services utilizing existing phone equipment.

PhoneLabs’ offering enables a user to plug in a cellular phone to an existing land-line unit and have it ring through on the internal system.

If the customer wants only cellular service, PhoneLabs offers a unit that permits utilization of a regular phone or headset in the office.  When leaving the office, the cellular phone or more-sophisticated device becomes the office-away-from-the office.

Cost savings of 30%-60% can be obtained, and the unit pays for itself within one year.

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