Monday | 5.21.2018
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The Customer Experience Requires More Work Than Most Small-Business Leaders Think

The customer experience often begins at a company's Web site.

Creating and maintaining a consistent customer experience involves many internal and external factors.  Many business leaders may be unaware of the benefits a well-written Application Programming Interface (API) can provide for their software. While not discussed as often as other technology issues, APIs are something every small company should have in mind when investing in expensive software.

Roy Chomko, president of Adage Technologies, says, "One the most important things you can do is provide visitors to your site a consistent experience.  A well-done content-management system (CMS) implementation will do that."

Chomko offers these benefits to using a CMS:

  • Companies do not need to have a developer make the changes on their Web site or application.
  • Content and other updates can be completed cheaper and easier.
  • The larger the site, the greater the benefits.
  • It provides a more maintainable Web site.
  • It often provides a more consistent user experience through the use of templates and controlled input versus free from HTML.
  • Software is constantly improving and providing new features.
  • Version control of content and images.  Ability to "roll back" and/or view history.
  • Security and workflow allow for controlled content management.
  • Making changes requires only an internet browser, no special software required.

Chomko acknowledges and lists some cons to think about when considering a CMS, as well:

  • Some CMS systems can be complicated to learn.
  • They can be more complicated to implement.
  • They can lock the company into software or a framework that could "expire" over time, e.g. go out of business, be acquired, open-source product loses favor, etc.
  • They often include licensing fees for the software.
  • The company is at the mercy of software vendor to provide updates.

However, in the end, Chomko belives that "Over the long haul, updates are cheaper and easier using a CMS."

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