Monday | 5.21.2018
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When the Success of a Business Falls Short, Try Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Maintaining a loyal customer base is one of the surefire ways that a company can secure its success.

In her new book, a marketing expert says in order for companies to foster that level of faithfulness in clients, they must operate in a way that encourages clients to have a strong emotional attachment to businesses - similar to the loyalty dedicated sports fans feel toward their teams.

Maribeth Kuzmeski, author of “And the Clients Went Wild! How Savvy Professionals Win All the Business They Want,” says success is all in what one offers and how one offers it.

“You can get others to connect to your company, product, or service by passionately delivering whatever you have to offer,” she explains. “This is a true differentiator, because so few people and businesses actually act with this kind of enthusiasm. Thus, when you exhibit it, your customers and potential customers will take notice.”

To create a “die-hard sports fan” level of commitment among your customers, Kuzmeski offers four suggestions to business owners: offer something unique; create something valuable and viral; understand the difference between features and benefits; and don’t just say it, do it.

Whatever product or service the company offers, it not only should be better than the competition, but also different, she says.

“Think about what people dislike most about your industry, service or product offering. What solutions can you offer? It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition and to create some buzz in the process.”

The way that Google found success was not by plastering ads across the world, she says, but by relying on the fact that their service was so valuable that others would want to use its Web-search site to find almost anything in a matter of seconds. That, in turn, made it easy for people to quickly pass along information about the brand (going viral).

If company owners understand the difference between features and benefits, the marketing expert says, it will be easier to highlight what is special about their company. Benefits, or how the product or service will be valuable to them, are what most customers care about.

“Too many companies leave it up to their prospects to figure out the benefits of their products or services,” Kuzmeski explains. “Remember, you may be steeped in information about your products and services, but they aren’t.”

And finally, companies should let their actions speak for them. Kuzmeski advises company owners to look at the routine things their business does every day to provide customers with the service they deserve. Going the extra mile pays off in the long run with faithful and passionate clients.

“Making screaming, loyal fans out of your customers won’t be easy,” she acknowledges, “but it is absolutely possible. You simply have to give them the product or service worth going wild about.”

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