Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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Daily Online Deals Can Help Small Businesses Reach Customers, Market Brand

As online shoppers become increasingly savvy, they are looking for the best deals possible. And the merchants who provide those deals, both small- and medium-sized businesses, know that a good way  – many believe the best way – to reach those customers, while also marketing their companies, is through daily online deals.  

At, consumers are first asked to enter an e-mail address where they’d like the daily deals sent and also a nearby city where they can cash in on the deals they’ve purchased. Consumers can click on a list of preferences – ranging from entertainment and food to travel and home services – to determine which deals are sent to them.

Alexandra Kasprzyk, the company’s public-relations spokesman, says BidMyWay is the “eBay of daily deal sites.” Consumers can either bid on what they think the daily deal is worth to them or they can purchase it for the suggested price.

“This is a win-win situation for the consumer and the merchant, for the merchant has to approve the bid before it is official,” she says.

If consumers prefer to bid, they’d better make their offer a good one – BidMyWay allows only one bid per deal for each customer. Customers are notified by e-mail if their bid is accepted.

Small and medium businesses benefit by having their companies, and the goods or services they offer, be marketed directly to consumers looking for online, budget-friendly deals. At BidMyWay, merchants are asked 15 questions that include such information as the description of the deal, how long the special offer will run, and the consumer cost compared with actual cost.

Companies such as OfficeArrow and GroupPrice offer deals to help support and grow the small business. Owners linked to GroupPrice are offered discounts up to 75% off for services, software and supplies, which can help their companies run more smoothly. Merchants can purchase the deal online, and when the deal closes they’ll receive an e-mail with redemption information.

In addition, merchants can share their deal with their colleagues. When they sign up, the merchants receive referral points, which they can put toward receiving GroupPrice deals at an even lower price.

The company “caters to small businesses looking to go online, grow online and manage their business online,” while also saving money, says Stephanie Block, company spokesman.

At OfficeArrow, members can connect with industry experts, top-rate vendors and other members. Members, who are mainly entrepreneurs, office managers and executive assistants, are encouraged to create a profile that helps the community learn about them, and helps others with similar interests and concerns find you the member company.

Along with offering tips on lead-generation and direct marketing, OfficeArrow also features special deals and prices for companies to purchase office supplies, equipment and even travel., a daily-deal site that provides online shoppers with national discounts on their favorite Web sites, focuses mainly on women and children. But the Web site also presents offers that can benefit small-business owners.

One of those owners, DollarDays President and Chief Executive Marc Joseph, says his wholesale-distribution company sees immediate results from the online offers.

“Not everyone is a huge retailer, but lots of sites have created real value for customers that people don’t know about,” Joseph says. “By distributing coupons on these daily-deal sites, organizations like DollarDays are given instant exposure – whereas traditional print marketing takes years.”

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