Monday | 5.21.2018
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Five Ways to Become Recognized as an Expert-

The dictionary defines an “expert” as someone having or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience. Everyone is an expert at something, even if the person hasn’t been publicly established as such. But becoming a publicly recognized expert in a given field is easier than people may think. And there are plenty of benefits to doing so.

“If you are proactive in establishing yourself as an expert in your field, it will usually bring rewards,” says Sarah Gilbert, director of sales at Lulu (, a self-publishing company. “Most experts bring in more business, earn more money and enjoy being known as an expert in their particular area.”

Here are five ways Gilbert says people can establish themselves as experts:

Teach. Those who teach others what they know are quickly established as experts on the subject. People should look for ways to teach what they know to others, through classes, seminars or online teaching opportunities. Even mentoring opportunities will work for gaining some teaching experience.

Speak. Becoming a speaker will quickly establish one as an authority on a subject. Speaking opportunities abound at meetings and conferences. All people need to do is make known that they are willing to speak. They can do this by offering a list of topics in their niche that they can speak on. If someone fears public speaking, they can consider joining the local chapter of Toastmasters International, where the person will gain speaking skills.

Source. Being a source for print articles, radio or television segments, or for other media outlets, is a good way to be seen as an expert. People can either work with a public-relations agent to find these opportunities or try contacting media outlets directly to invite consideration as an expert source for their segments.

Blog. One of the reasons so many people blog is that it helps establish them as experts. People can either create their own blogs or provide guest posts on other relevant blogs. They can contact the blog owners and ask to provide guest posts.

Publish. Those who have written books in their field are usually seen as experts. People can easily write and publish their own books in order to establish themselves in their field. If someone is not a writer, the person can use his or her expertise to work with a ghostwriter to get the book written and published.

Experts in their field may find that they are able to gain more sales, better positions and additional benefits. Following some of the tips above, or all of them, will help establish expertise and credibility.

“It is also important to be patient in working toward becoming an established and recognized expert at something,” Gilbert says. “If you keep at it and are consistent, you will in time be considered an expert. And that’s a great feeling!”

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