Monday | 5.21.2018
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Small Businesses Should Capitalize on Giants’ Weaknesses

Going up against an industry giant isn’t the best route to take for a small business. But understanding what a large competitor is lacking can help a small business gain the advantage.

The Business Finance Store, a financing and consulting firm that works with small businesses, says small companies can flourish by learning how to stay relevant when the competition is “a modern-day Goliath.”

“When you’re up against the No. 1 brand in the industry, don’t waste your money trying to convince the world that you’re better,” says Ericka Rodriguez, in a recent blog for The Business Finance Store.
“You can’t come at their big players head on, but you can go around them, and proclaim yourself worth checking out because you’re not the competitor.”

She points to the U.S. Postal Service’s recent announcement that it was launching a new series of Disney/Pixar stamps as part of its campaign to encourage letter writing.

The USPS has been financially strapped for years. The campaign, she says, is a unique way to create a new service in the world of instant messaging.

“This last-resort, but valiant, effort is using a classic marketing technique to stay alive in a field crowded with giants: setting itself apart by not competing.”

The postal service’s differentiating itself from the competition, may help the service stay afloat a bit longer.

By offering “personal connection, from one person to another,” Rodriguez says, the post office is pointing out the anonymous and impersonal connection of social-media sites, and thereby exploiting a weakness of the media giants.

Small businesses should model this behavior, she says.

“Figure out who’s the top competition in your field. Do some research on them.... More importantly, find out what issues people have with them,” Rodriguez advises. “See if their weaknesses are something you can remedy with your own business.”

For small businesses, she says, gathering the leftovers of the bigger groups could be enough to keep going.

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