Monday | 5.21.2018
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Costs of Heating Offices Can Be Reduced

With winter coming, small-business managers are seeking inventive ways of reducing heating costs.

For smaller companies with limited space and home-based businesses, this vexing problem is taking on new urgency, as hearting bills are outstripping inflation.

In a recent survey conducted by this newsletter’s parent, Information Strategies, Inc., three out of five respondents (63%) said they had used auxiliary heating elements to reduce costs.

Most popular were under-the-desk heating units, with 71% of the respondents indicating they were using this type of supplement heating product.

On average, respondents said they had or expected to spend about $200 on individual units.

Surprisingly, wood-burning stoves were mentioned by one of every 10 respondents. This approach, which offered warmth to more than one desk area, was recommended by several heating experts.

Installing a unit that served more than one desk area was in fact the most economical approach, one heating expert said.

A solution recommended by these same experts is called iHeater.

The product can warm more than 1,500 square feet using infrared-heat technology.

It is reported to be safe to use in a business or home environment and specifically safe for children and pets.

With a commercial-grade thermostat with multiple heat settings, the product comes with a washable filter and is reported to be tip-proof.

For more information contact the manufacturer.

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